Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Golden Era vs Internet Era: Fight 2 The Death

What's crackin world (or whoever's looking at this), this is my first blog post, so I'ma come in with a bang

Here goes nothing. Hop aboard the rusty Cadillac eldog and take a ride wit ya boi.

Here's my 2 cents on this whole Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy hoopla:

Flat out: Though I respect Ice-T, he was wrong for what he said. Ice-T had got at Soulja Boy first by saying "Fu*k Soulja Boy" and "eat a dick". Before that, soulja boy never said anything about him. Now if a person had said the same thing in the same fashion, I to would reply (legend or not), but it would contain much more "bad" words if you know what i'm saying. Now if Ice would've pulled him to the side and said "o.k. what you're doing is aight but it's not good or great, here's what you should do or need to do in order to get better", then that would be different, your're a legend in the game, he's just starting out, give him some tips on how not to "kill Hip-Hop". Don't just flat out say eat a dik and fu*k you. Also, at the age he's at, tha's kind of childish if you think about it (even crazier for people applauding such behavior). Though I'm a not fan, I'm siding with soulja boy. And though I got respect for Ice-T, he was wrong on how he went about this situation.

Even though Soulja Boy is NOT a NAS, JAY-Z, TUPAC, BIGGIE, ICE CUBE, OUTKAST or any of our other "heroes"(or forgotten heroes) of the "Golden Era", you gotta give him some props/or at least a break. He's making music for KIDS (at least late elementary through early high school) and people that like to dance. Unless he/she or you grew around it, do you really think an 8yr old is going to understand or even care why the economy is fcked up, or why our president is a dumbas, why you sell coke, why your dad is not here, why you gangbang, why she's a bitch, why he or she is a snitch or why you can't get a deal because your music "too real" for radio. Let's face it, dude made a catchy song that had a catchy dance to it (don't act like you didn't do it, at least the YOOOUULL part) that became a hit on the RADIO, BET, and MTV, so it's not like us "Hip-Hop heads" were forced to listen to it. Matter of fact, do me a favor. If you hate Soulja Boy or an artist(s) of that type of caliber, turn off the radio (turn off that bullsh!t(freak freak yall) - dead prez), turn off the t.v. (or change the channel), click off the youtube page, or GO THE F*CK OUTSIDE. There's plenty of other avenues to get good music and sh!t that has some sort of "content" or "meaning" and I suggest you should look for it instead bitching to me on how Hip-Hop is DEAD or who killed it (NOT Nas or any other artists I listen to, but some people I know), and I know Soulja Boy nor any other artist has that type of power to do so. If it was SO dead, then tell me why The Grammys still recognizes Hip-Hop as a category or why Hip-Hop based companies such as The Source , Sean John, Rocawear, SOHH and are still in business or how an artist like Kanye or Lil Wayne are still able to go platinum in the internet era. Maybe the essence is in question, but it's not dead, it's very much alive, you just have to look for it. Disco is dead (yeah I said it).



Anonymous said...

keep it up cuz.

Andre said...

Same here casso i was thinking about what you said and i have to side with you. Although as hard as i try to be for team ICE-T i can't do to the way he came at lil oh SB. But at the same time i understand where ICe is Coming from cause if your a 89/90 baby you know real hip-hop and what it use to be. Times change why can't hip hop? don't get me wrong i don't want to see it become all "YYAAUAUHHH" or "YA YA TRICKS"

and as a emcee myself i'm taking more time to write something meaningfull and not making a track just to be heard. That what i think the problem is in hip hop now, well i don't to call it a problem cause most of rappers just want to get payed. Witch don't bother me untill wack emcee's start getting payed for just saying...

"The dance floor silly
The ladies gon feel me
The fellas in the back and they twissin up a fillet"
-VIC_Get Silly

and i'm going to leave on that note
much respect to my brotha Ghetto Casso.

-#1 Chief Rawka